• 1. Curate awesome content.


    An open approach.


    Incredible storytellers in our network (become one!) create empathy challenges alongside incredible organizations and communities to help youth practice empathy, global understanding, and social change while learning math & literacy.


    This content helps youth and teachers bring LIFE into their classrooms. It helps us travel into the hearts, minds, and environments of people all over the world. Traveling the world is a privilege not everyone has. So we democratize global learning.


  • 2. Integrate content with classroom needs.


    As we curate stories, we work with educators to create resources that help them integrate empathy and global understanding with K-6th grade (for now) academic goals.


    Engaging and relevant stories of humans across our planet +

    Lesson plans and worksheets an educator needs ->

    Classrooms deeply engaged in learning to change our world and ourselves for the better.

  • 3. Learn and measure impact.


    We gather qualitative and quantitative stories and data to help us better understand how to improve the content, the classroom experience, and how to better achieve our impact alongside educators and storytellers.


    We live to learn, and we're hungry to see that learning translate into the most effective curriculum resources on the planet to help youth grow up as empathetic, globally aware, social change leaders.