• want to nominate a social enterprise you work with or support to be profiled in an upcoming empathy challenge series?


    We prioritize working with social enterprise teams who:

    • don't just want to share the perfect, but also who see the importance in sharing their struggles and what they're learning;
    • would value the content we create not just to raise awareness in their networks, but also to raise awareness about their work in hundreds of BWE classrooms worldwide;
    • value the BWE approach to authentic social change storytelling (ex. no words, limited branding).


    We believe teachers and students need to see the beautiful struggle (the ups and downs) of deeply important social change work. This approach to storytelling helps to support youth in growing up practicing empathy, humility, ecosystem thinking, and collaboration. We must support youth in the move beyond hero-preneurship.


    Learn more about how we select partners in this three pager!