• "My students are already taking action after just one story."


    "I now see it’s not about learning how to teach values, but to live them."

    "This experience was a rich opportunity for my students.


    I believe that if this was a commonplace conversation,

    we would all begin to open up

    our life lens to see that there are

    many perspectives in the world

    that each deserve respect."


    "Sometimes the train of curriculum gets us moving so quickly.


    This was an opportunity to have the conversations that matter.

    To see life through my

    students' eyes."

    "There were no words, but the video was powerful. You could tell the students were engaged.


    Although ~3/4 of our students receive free or reduced price lunch, none of our students had experienced anything similar to Reginah's lifestyle."

    "They were totally into the lesson. It was captivating for them. It sparked curiosity which led to higher order thinking.


    The students were

    completely engaged."

    "This lesson truly brought India into our classroom. We even talked about this.


    We talked about how we could not afford to take our entire class there, though we got to experience it through the video."

    "When I asked my students if they wanted to watch the video again, they cheered!!"

  • Our Mission:

    Help you(th) become storychangers

    practicing empathy and global literacy every day.


    To foster a world of hungry, humble social change leaders.