• Imagine a future Where

    all youth practice empathy

    and social change for 6-8 hours

    every. single. day.

  • let's make that future now.


    We're creating hundreds of powerful videos, stories, and lesson plans. We call them "STEMpathy Challenges".


    Over 500 teachers have already used them to teach empathy, global understanding, and social change. While teaching math and literacy!

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    Ghani Teaches Us About Dignity, Farming, Family, And Fractions

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    A) 1-Page Lesson Plan

    Quickly discover new approaches and content to practice empathy and global understanding in math or literacy class.

    B) Wordless Video

    Kick off class with a visual narrative hook

    to suspend judgment and spark curiosity.

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    C) Empathy Story

    Discover specific math and literacy questions while learning human stories that encourage dignity, equity, and unity.

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  • UN Sustainable Development Goals

    This mission is urgent.

    To overcome our world's big challenges, we need this generation of youth practicing empathy with one another and our world.

    Hooked on social change from an early age, every day.


    Join us in bringing wonder-sparking, heart-opening stories of people around the world to the cave of disengagement: math class.


    Let's mainstream empathy and global understanding together.