• Imagine a future where

    all youth practice empathy

    and global literacy.

    Every single day.

  • What We Do:


    We create engaging curriculum resource kits to support youth in practicing empathy, global literacy, and civic engagement. We call these story kits "Empathy Challenges".


    So far, we've created 40+ Empathy Challenges that help youth prepare for life and leadership in a rapidly evolving world -- while also helping them practice their math, reading, and writing!

  • January Magic:

    Share your story. Get a gift card!


    We keep hearing about amazing classroom experiences with Better World Ed stories. We're so eager to learn about these stories as soon as they happen!

    And we know it takes time to share your stories effectively.


    So in 2018, the first 50 teachers who share a story and video/pictures of how they're using Empathy Challenges in their classroom will receive a DonorsChoose gift card!


    First timer? Scroll down to see classroom videos to get some ideas!


    Use BWE In Class!

    Pick stories from betterworlded.org/try or from our big story database (sign up free). Try out one or two stories in class!


    Share Classroom Story!

    Got a meaningful experience to share? Fill out this quick form to share more with us through a story and video/photos!


    Share With A Friend!

    If you know any teachers that would love using a story too, send them betterworlded.org. Sharing is key to this movement growing!


    Gift Card!

    Once 50 teachers share their stories, each #2018BWEfirst50 will get an email from us with their gift card! Simple as that!

  • See Some Lessons In Action!


    Elementary school students meet Shantanu to learn ELA (author's purpose) and global literacy


    Middle school students meet Reginah to learn math (slope) and new perspectives

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Why Better World Ed:

    Too many students are growing up lacking an empathy for and an awareness of other people, cultures, mindsets, and world views.


    Too many students are disengaged in school and aren’t being prepared for careers in the 21st century, let alone being prepared to improve our world. This is talent, passion, and potential we can't afford to lose.


    And with the big challenges we face in our world, we need youth hooked on social change from an early age, every day.


    Better World Ed exists to get youth hooked on

    practicing empathy and global literacy

    early in life, often, and everywhere.




    Join us in bringing wonder-sparking, heart-opening stories of people from around the world to a classroom near you.


    It's time to mainstream the practice of empathy and global literacy.