empathy Practice.

    ecosystem awareness.

    focused creativity.

    pure collaboration.

    Evidence-based action.


    all in math class!

  • what we do

    We curate and create lesson plans, stories, and videos

    to help educators bring values and social change learning to life.

  • why?


    All youth engaged in learning how to

    change our world for the better.

  • how you can use the content

    Practice key mindsets and behaviors in math class -- and at the dinner table -- through learning about people and social enterprises.

    HOW: Lesson Plans

    Discover approaches to practice math and empathy in your class.

    coming soon: best practice visual/video lesson plans

    WHAT: Stories

    Engage with specific "empathy math" questions in the green sections of the story.

    coming soon: math worksheets to practice concepts

    WHAT: Videos

    Start your class with a video as an engaging hook before learning more in stories.

  • "i can feel an incredible new

    energy in my classroom."


    "I now see it’s not about learning

    how to teach values, but to live them."

  • Imagine content that helps youth seek:


    To learn, not to know. 


    To become more peaceful, collaborative humans.

    To seek a deeper understanding of other humans (near and far) and ourselves.


    To engage in the shift from ego to eco.

    To grow beyond our fears, justifications, rationalizations, assumptions, and judgments.

    To strive to see one another as humans, not as obstacles or objects.


    To deeply realize that all of us can play a necessary and equal role in leading massive positive change -- humanity needs more than only "social enterprise founders".


    To continually discover how math (and school) can be incredibly relevant and engaging.


    To practice empathy deeply and widely.

    To live with hearts at peace.

    To keep striving

    for better.