• Imagine a future where all youth

    Grow up learning to see each other as important, connected, and beautiful.


    a future Where all youth practice empathy and social change.


    for 4-6 hours every. single. day.

  • let's make that future now.


    We curate powerful stories, videos, and lesson plans.


    Teachers and youth use these to transform mindsets, academic engagement, and our communities for the better.





    We face huge challenges.


    Now more than ever, we need all youth hooked on learning

    how to make the world a better place.

  • how?

    Consistent engagement from a young age.


    We help 7-12 year olds learn math and literacy through wonder-sparking stories of people and organizations around the globe.


    We call it "The STEMpathy Challenge".

  • - stempathy example -

    Shantanu Teaches Us About Environment, Community, And Arithmetic

    1. The Lesson Plan

    Discover approaches to practice math and empathy in your class.

    coming soon: best practice visual/video lesson plans

    2. The Written Story

    Engage with specific "empathy math" questions in the green sections of the story.

    coming soon: math worksheets to practice concepts

    3. The Video

    Start your class with a video as an engaging hook before learning more in stories.

  • "i can feel an incredible new

    energy in my classroom."


    "I now see it’s not about learning

    how to teach values, but to live them."